Sónia Domingues - Sonny's Art

Fall Edition - ArtTour International*

"Do you see our Planet? One Day it will be so Green.." - Nr. VIII - Living Eye of Life Collection*
|Circular Sculpture Work
|Diameter - 100 cm
|Suspended Effect*
- by Sonny*

Artistic History:

One Day our Planet, will be so Green that even at Night* will bloom with Bioluminescent Glow*, because...
"...There will be...overabundance on the summit of the Mountains*
in the desert plain will be planted the Juniper*
the king's fruits will grow as in Lebanon*
and in cities, people will flourish like the vegetation of the Earth..."
Thus, says the Holy Scriptures - Psalm 72:16 / Isaiah 41:19

Artistic Effects:

Mixed Media* & Pontilhism*
Silver Leaf + Pontilhism = Green Translucide + Silver, Gold, Gold Intense, Swarosvski Elements & Luminescent Micro-points*
In Symbol of an Ideal Life in and of our Planet* Inspired by the Biblical Prophecy above express, the Countries/Continents are presented with a Equitably Density Population and with the Creation of Luminescent Micro-points, the Planet Glows in the Dark* - by Sonny*

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