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Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Γελοιογραφίας


Organization Municipality Dafni-Ymittos, Ergastiri
With the support of Feco Greece Levadia
Information: Τel.: 2107623568, 6987046005
e-mail: cartoondafniymittos@gmail.com
Web: cartoonexhibition.org
Subject to cartoon and sketch: The Refugeeism (becoming a refuge) & Immigration.
We want to highlight the Refugeeism and Immigration are global phenomena with great history and great intensity in our days. The causes that generate these phenomena and issues arising for departure societies, reception and installation.
The Caricature and Cartoon Exhibition will be held
To organize events which will include lectures, performances
October 22 - November 5
Events Hall Municipal Community Hymettus and various artistic and other events.

The drawings must be black and white or in color.
Each participant may present up to 3 drawings (size A3).
Resolution must be at least 300 dpi.
It would be preferable that the drawings should not contain any text or comments. In case they do, the English or Greek language should definitely be included.
The use of collage is prohibited.
The drawings must be sent via e-mail.
The drawings that the Artistic Committee will judge that have been copied from other cartoonists’ works will be disqualified.
The drawings should not have been exhibited before.
The drawings should not have offensive content.
A short CV, the e-mail address, Skype account (if available), and the postal address of each participant is required.
All participating drawings may be exhibited in a touring exhibition in Greece or abroad.
The drawings should not have been published previously
Drawings that do not correspond to above requirements will not be accepted, and the Cartoonist will be informed by e-mail

They will be exhibited to 200 drawings to be evaluated by the Jury Committee.
The prizes will be decided by the Jury Committee Eminent experts from the world of Letters and Arts will make up the Committee.

The drawings may be used in the advertising campaign of the exhibition. On no account should drawings or copies be sold. Commercial exploitation of part or the whole exhibition is prohibited.
Participating artists will not receive any kind of payment for their Copyright of the exhibition belongs to the organizers.
Participants will receive a digital catalogue of the exhibition.
Participation in the exhibition implies full acceptance of all the above terms.
The Jury Committee members’ names will be announced soon.
Submission Deadline: June 12th
The drawings should be sent to the following e-mail address:
1st Prize
5 days accommodation (nights) at Delphi Palace Hotel (4*) Delphi
Sponsor Iniohos Kaltsis SA
2nd Prize
3 days accommodation (nights) at Delphi Palace Hotel (4*) Delphi
Sponsor Iniohos Kaltsis SA
3rd Prize
Album of works by expressionist Painter George Bouzianis
(in English or Greek language) edition of the Benaki Museum
4th Prize
Book, CD
5th Prize
Book, CD
Visitor’s award
Book, CD
They also awarded 10 Praises
All participants whose works will be exhibited will receive a
Digital Certificate of Participation.
The Organizing Committee

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