segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014

Underground Exhibition


Cartoons - uploaded on - will be broadcasted each one 40 times per day on 4000 video screens in Berlin's subway trains, 04:00h - 24:00h CET, with artist's name displayed well readable (NO money involved, even NOT for but we will try to offer selected works to newspapers). Cartoons will be enjoyed by approx. 1,5 million passengers per day in Berlin - and now in public transportation in Munich too.

Broadcasting Plan for on screens in Berlin's subway system and in Munich:

18/02/2014: "Smile" by Mark Lynch (Australia)

19/02/2014: "Freddie Mercury" by Toni D'Agostinho (Brazil)

20/02/2014: "JuraKarikatura 03" by Kresimir Kvestek (Croatia)

21/02/2014: "What Math Teachers Fantasize..." by Kresten Forsman (Greenland)

22/02/2014: "Graffiti Tattoo" by Jon Carter (USA)

23/02/2014: "Margot Monroe" by Uschi Heusel (Germany)

24/02/2014: "Morning Sun" by Giuseppe Scapigliati (Italy)

25/02/2014: "Toothache" by Asli (Turkey)

26/02/2014: "Passion" by Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)

27/02/2014: "Kiss Me" by Antonio de Oliveira (Brazil)

28/02/2014: "Franck Ribéry" by Jean-Marc Borot (France)

01/03/2014: "Alice in Wonderbra" by Carolyn Hiler (USA)

Project will be continued with artworks by many other

Peace & smiles,
Vanessa, Admin

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