sábado, 16 de março de 2013



We are happy to announce that we have invited 5 artists to join the opening of an toonpool.com-exhibition in Ankara/Turkey (April 9 - April 14) featuring their artworks. Toonpool's exhibition will be opened by Mr. Abdullah Gül, president of Turkey, and joined by some well known Turkish, German and international scientists and politicians (Timothy Garton Ash, Sigmar Gabriel, Rita Süssmuth, Çem Özdemir and some more). The event's official guest list is containing 500 persons.

We now are planning an additional new cartoon exhibition (to be collected in a catalogue too) on the subjects of:

Islam - Islamophobia - Migration in Europe - Multiculturality - Turks and the European Union

In case you have handled these issues in cartoons: please check your archives for suitable drawings to join the new exhibition and catalogue. Please upload your cartoons on toonpool.com or send them to info@toonpool.com (high resolution) asap. Cartoons published in newspapers and magazines before are preferred. The new exhibition will be presented in several countries.

Thanks so much for joining toonpool.com and our projects!

Peace and smiles,

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